Expert Witness Resume

Ronald E. Milner

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Expertise and testimony in fields of electronic consumer products including development, patent infringement, product operation and safety.Toys and electronic games a specialty, including all sorts of home products.

Education: BSEE 1968, MSEE1971 from U.C. Berkeley - Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi


Employment:  1984-Present – President,  Applied Design Laboratories.
        1973-1984 Atari Inc, Grass Valley Think tank.- involved in many pivotal technologies in video games and home computers.

                Co inventor of  Atari 2600 video game system.
         1968-1971  (several periods)  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories. - Heavy Ion Accelerator design work.

Mr. Milner holds 16
US patents with others pending including really famous stuff.  He is personally familiar with patent prosecution, licensing, and enforcement.

Issued US  Patents (foreign not shown):
6,990,921  03/01/2006  Self waving flag

5,276,909  01/04/1994 Traffic information broadcast system

5,172,534  12/22/1992 Chainable building blocks

5,095,799  03/17/1992 Electric stringless toy guitar

4,914,638  04/03/1990 Doppler effect speedometer

4,862,152  08/29/1989 Sonic positioning device

4,796,891  01/10/1989 Musical puzzle using sliding tiles

4,687,457  08/18/1987 Hand-held puppet with pseudo-voice generation

4,589,138  05/13/1986 Method and apparatus for voice emulation

4,314,236  02/02/1982 Apparatus for producing a plurality of audio sound effects

4,244,574  01/13/1981 Pinball machine with conical playfield

4,139,968  02/20/1979 Puppet-like apparatus

4,116,444  09/26/1978 Method for generating a plurality of moving objects on a video display screen

4,112,422  09/05/1978 Method and apparatus for generating moving objects on a video display screen

4,107,665  08/15/1978 Apparatus for continuous variation of object size on a raster type video screen

4,102,532  07/25/1978 Game method and apparatus for sensing the position of an object with respect to its receptacle

D32469203/17/1992 Guitar or similar article

Litigation support:

Mr. Milner served as the only expert witness for Jones, Day, Reavis and Pogue in Alpex vs Nintendo in the Federal Circuit court in New York from 1990 through trial in 1994 and supporting further filings through 1996. He was instrumental in the jury awarding Alpex $180 million in damages, although that was later overturned on appeal. During that case he gained familiarity with many of the intricacies of patent law and testimony including claims interpretation, scope of claims, validity and infringement criteria.

He as also served as an expert in the case Andamiro vs Konami involving a dancing video game.  He served for the defendant  working for the firm Baker&McKenzie.   The case was settled in 2002 before trial. 


He has subsequently consulted on cases ranging from internet gambling to teddy bear development contract disputes.

He served as the technical expert witness for the defense in Leapfrog vs Fischer-Price on an educational toy patent infringement case.  Fischer-Price was represented by Kenyon and Kenyon.  The case went to trial in 2005 and Mr. Milner participated in the preparation and testified at trial.  After an initial hung jury, Judge Sleet of the Federal circuit in
Delaware ruled in late March, 2006 that there was no infringement, agreeing with Mr. Milner.  This was supported on appeal.

He served as an expert in Coles vs Nyko Technology in a case relating to accessory cooling fans for the Microsoft Xbox.  The case was settled before any depositions or trial.

He has also served several other clients in matters relating to consulting performance, video games and controllers, industrial displays.

He did technical consulting for Nixon and Vanderhye in matters relating to Nintendo.

He served as an expert witness for the defendant Nintendo in Fenner Investments vs. Microsoft et al from 2007-2009.  Mr. Milner prepared expert reports and prepared for trial.   The federal circuit in Tyler, TX dismissed the case on summary judgment on the eve of trial.

Mr. Milner is primarily a design engineer and inventor for consumer products.

He is familiar with analog and digital circuits, remote control and controllers of all sorts, toys, electronic games, history of video games, microprocessor applications, sensors of all sorts, power control, and ultrasonics.

He is familiar with agency testing and safety requirements but has not testified in those areas.